Homeowners (continued)

Daily Mail article published Feb 28th 2006

This Daily Mail article highlighted the risks of asbestos in the home and the alarming rising figures of deaths from mesothelioma in the UK due to asbestos.

Homeowners are warned of cancer risks from asbestos hidden in the home

This risk is heightened by the fact that more and more homeowners are taking up DIY and house renovations – ripping out dangerous substances, dislodging deadly fibre particles, with no idea of the long-term havoc which can be caused.

Most houses built from 1950 up until the 1980s contain asbestos in their insulation, heating ducts and drainpipes – white asbestos was even used in Artex plaster until the late 1990s. The British Lung Foundation has reported rising rates of mesothelioma deaths caused by asbestos in the lungs – the disease is predicted to claim 185,000 lives in the UK by 2050.

Why homeowners should choose AS UK

We are a trusted firm with qualified personnel who are committed to quality and who operate with honesty and integrity. Homeowners should beware of 'cowboy' contractors and builders who overcharge and mislead on asbestos issues – you could be throwing money away on unnecessary work undertaken on false grounds. Hiring unqualified individuals to carry out asbestos removal can be very dangerous.